Tilda Swinton has made an operatic music video with her dogs. She co-directed it with her partner, Sandro Kopp.

For its six-minute duration, it follows Swinton’s Springer Spaniels running through the wilderness in slow motion and performing tricks. It is set to an aria by countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo with composition by George Frideric Handel.

The video was released in partnership with art multimedia company Visionarie as part of a new project entitled “Glass Handel.”

The project has been described as an “hour-long live interdisciplinary installation.” It is open for viewing late November at New York City’s Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine.

The release of the video comes weeks before the actress' new film, 'Suspiria', hits cinemas. She plays ballet teacher Madame Blanc and it was recently confirmed that Swinton also took on the alter-ego of Lutz Ebersdorf to play Dr. Josef Klemperer in the film. The actress wore a prosthetic penis for the part.

Earlier this year, Swinton provided vocals to Wes Anderson's film 'Isle of Dogs'.