We must say a final goodbye to any hope that Tiger and Elin could get back together. Their divorce has been finalised. I do feel a little sad about this to be honest, I know he slept with numerous women and lied about it to his missus but, deep down, I hoped that the pair would stick together for the children's sake. Maybe it's those eyes that get me, y'know the way Woods looks, it's like he's got puppy dog eyes on him - all the time.

However, all the sad eyes in the world couldn't stop Elin from calling it a day. According the TMZ, the reason put done on paper was that 'the marriage between the parties was irretrievably broken'. The papers continue on to state that a marital settlement was agreed to on 3rd and 4th of July, just gone, along with a parenting class, attended by both parties. Elin has also asked that her name be changed back to Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren.
TMZ also reports that Rachel Uchetil wants Mr Woods back saying "I feel horrible for him. He loved her. But he was in love with me. I hope he remembers that was real, and reaches out to me." *shouts at computer screen* HOMEWRECKER, *sniffs*

Now, all that's left is for Tiger to get back in the game, and I mean golf here. But, can he do it? Does he have the strength? Do his fans still support him? Personally, I think his days of winning major championships are over, but hey, that's just my opinion.

-Alicia Coyle