A 3-year-old girl who was pronounced clinically dead woke up at her own funeral in the Mindanao region of the Philippines.

The child had been taken to the a local clinic in the city of Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur by her parents after exhibiting symptoms of a severe fever last Friday, and shortly afterwards, early Saturday morning, she no longer had a pulse and was pronounced dead. 

The family took her home and began preparations for a funeral, but when a neighbour opened the coffin to arrange the remains for the ceremony, he noticed the girl's head move. He checked for a pulse, which was present, and they found the girl to be responsive as she opened her eyes, at which point they rushed her back to the clinic for treatment. Below is a short piece of footage captured as they realised that the child was alive.

According to PhilStar.comPolice Senior Inspector Heidil Teelan said that they could not give the identity of the family, but that he could confirm the details of the case as he sent some officers to verify what had happened. He told the news site that "we really can not make confirmation on the status of the girl but based on the observation of the police personnel I deployed it appear the girl remained in a comatose state in their house". 

The family are making arrangements to have her moved to a larger hospital in the area for treatment, and there is no update as of yet on her condition. 

Via PhilStar.com. Main pic via YouTube.