A new drug called which goes by the nickname ’scuzz’ has seen three UCD students end up in hospital in a serious condition after taking it.

Gardai believe that the drug is a mix of LSD and amphetamines, possibly including speed, and they are concerned that if this bad batch is not removed from circulation then it may well result in fatalities.

The UCD Students' Union has taken to social media to announce the news of the students taking ill, but have also since added that the drug is not limited to the university and that everyone should be on the lookout.

According to The Independent, the drug could be being taken in pill form, why it also may be slipped into drinks or crushed up and snorted. With little known about ’scuzz’ as it is, the drug poses a very real danger to all users, and while there have been no fatalities as of yet, the Gardai and the HSE are both monitoring the situation closely.

Via BreakingNews.ie and The Independent