Today is the day of days.

All the campaigning, all the debates, all the posters, all the social media banners - it all ends today when we cast our vote and decide the future of generations to come.

It's a pretty huge day, in fairness. Ireland will become the first country in the world to vote for Marriage Equality by popular vote.

For some, it's a case of hopping out for ten minutes during lunch to cast a vote in their local polling station.

Others have to head back to their hometown and make the vote.

For others, their hometown's a little far from where they are.

That's right, people have been jetting in from the four corners of the earth to vote for Marriage Equality.

If they're able to get a flight from NAIROBI, you can head out and do your civic duty, FOR FECK SAKE.


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Every YES vote matters - here's a way to remind everyone to go to their polling station #HomeToVote