This weekend was a particularly special one at Dublin Zoo and definitely a time for celebration.

The three most recent elephants to join Europe's oldest zoo, Kavi, Ashoka and Samya, celebrated their first birthday this weekend with a big elephant-sized party.

"The elephant calves still amaze us every day. Their births were such an important occasion both for us at Dublin Zoo and for the international breeding programme. To have three successful births within such a short period of time was simply extraordinary and something we are very proud of," said Dublin Zoo director Leo Oosterweghel.

The Natural Confectionery Company, who sponsor the Kaziringa Forest Trail where the elephants live, turned the Zoo into an "elephantastic birthday bash" for the first birthday celebrations this weekend with music, face-painting, fun and games and a whole host of fun-filled family activities.

As for the three elephants themselves, they're doing just fine. The zookeepers at Dublin Zoo say that "one of our favourite times of the day is watching 12 ‘tiny’ feet run towards the elephant house as they come in for their afternoon feed! Tails in the air and ears out in excitement - it’s a sight that never grows old."

They do, however, enjoy a decent nap during the day and at night. Kavi, Ashoka and Samiya sleep for an average of six hours a night and take regular naps during the day, particularly on hot days when they tire themselves out playing with the water. They're also growing in size, too. Kavi now weighs almost 700kg whilst her little brother Ashoka weighs in at 500kg. Samiya, meanwhile, is a dainty 450kg. At birth, they weighed in at 80kg, 70kg and 68kg respectively.

You can also watch the elephants in their home via a live webcam at Dublin Zoo right here.

Header Image via Dublin Zoo