Ah Ireland, Eire, The Emerald Isle, and so on and so forth. Isn’t our little country just the best? Well we think so, and that’s not just us pandering to our predominantly Irish audience.We honestly think it’s a crying shame that people are still heading off to Spain and the like when they haven’t seen their own land. Sure where else could you rock climb, mountain bike, and surf before drying off and hitting a museum to fill in the time before going to a play or a gig, or just simply going out for a pint, or seven.

But with so much to do in the country, and so little holiday time to do it in, deciding on where to go can be a lot of work. That’s where we’ve come in; halving your workload as usual, because we’ve teamed up with Discover Ireland as part of its #ThisIsLiving campaign, and we’ve only gone and sent out Carol Byrne to find out the most popular places to visit.Talking to the public during The Giant’s Journey, which was part of the Limerick City of Culture, Carol found out your favourite Irish holidaying memories, what’s so great about spending you off-time around the country, and uncovering the best places to spend those precious summer weeks.