Any woman who's been through it will tell you that giving birth is no cake walk - but this particular story is almost too bonkers to believe.

Tia Freeman shared her truly bizarre but undeniably impressive story of how she gave birth to her son last month - in a hotel room. In Instanbul. By herself. While on a mid-trip airport layover.

Aside from the fact that she essentially attempted to 'ignore' her pregnancy and embark on a trip to Germany that she had planned, her MacGyver-type skills and essentially YouTubing how to give birth by yourself is seriously hard to believe, but it's all true - she even became a minor celebrity in Turkey after the news broke.

Most importantly, the casual way she tells it - along with her choice of gifs - makes it all the more amusing.

Read it in full below (warning: it's pretty long....):


All we can say is that this lady needs her own survivalist TV show, or something.