Craigslist has had some weird listings and stories before, often to do with missed connections, but few can contend with the sheer bizarre nature of this one. 

Searching for someone you met in a bar or had fun with on a night out can be a difficult and often fruitless process. The advent of the internet and popular listings sites, such as Craigslist, has made it a bit easier, but you still need some information to go on that might help your story stand out from the crowd. 

There is absolutely no doubt that the woman who posted this from Athens, Georgia in the US has that little detail about the night that surely could not be mistaken for anyone else, given the crucial moment revealed within, and we don't mean the bit about it being outside Arby's 

The content of the message might be one of the strangest things that we've seen in all our time on the internet, and the fact that it ends with the line "my sister wants to talk to you" actually raises more questions than it answers. We just don't know.  

Via BroBible. Main pic via Paurian/Flickr