Call me crazy, but she might have a point.

Leonie Muller, from Stuttgart, Germany, has been living on a train for the past few months, having given up her apartment in Spring.

The 23-year-old has instead been living on a train, buying a monthly pass every few weeks for $380, which actually saves her $70 more than just paying for an apartment.

Muller took the drastic action after having a dispute with her landlord, and now eats, sleeps, washes her hair, and writes her college papers on the train, which travels at 190mph.

It might seem strange, but she spends the odd night at at the house of whoever puts her up, be it her friends, relatives, or her boyfriend, who she claims to see much more of now than when she had a fixed address.

She could even stand to benefit from the experience, as she's said that she'll be writing her final year undergraduate paper on her time as a train-dweller.

Via The Irish Independent