The WWN team featured on The Ray D’Arcy Show and they didn’t disappoint.

Although still best known for their satirical online articles, Waterford Whispers News have branched out into producing video content and are even going on tour in the coming months.

Last night newsreaders Les and Áine read the news in a mock up studio and spoofed about ‘budget 2019 being cancelled due to budget cuts’, an Irish Mammy ‘only getting to sit down now’ and a dark sketch about the parents of an abducted child predicting that the kidnappers ‘wouldn’t be long giving him back’ because of his ‘exhausting behaviour’.

But a sketch about Leo Varadkar being rushed to hospital after mistakenly shaking hands with a member of the working class seemed to get the biggest response in studio.

Here’s their story about a Waterford busker being arrested for murdering Wonderwall:

Via: RTÉ