The Cold War was a unique period in history where people feared the destruction of the planet with a nuclear bomb at any time. A lot of people decided to react to that by building themselves a shelter, but few of them could have been this amazing. 

Equipped to support a family for a year, the shelter has a few features that you wouldn't expect, like the roof being painted to reflect the sky, and a proper swimming pool (obviously built before the water charges). There is also a full house, a "garden" with fake trees and rocks, and it looks to have two different buildings to live in. 

Pics via imgur

All that's very nice, but there is the slight problem that it was kitted out quite a while ago, and some of the kitchen equipment might be a bit out of date. Still, with the price of property these days, if we can get a discount for living underground, we'll take it. 

Via Imgur. Main pic via Imgur