You can forget everything else, this is all the flag-based content you need.

Flags and anthems have been in the press a lot the last few days for good reason and knowing this, British comedian Ken Cheng decided that his next online endeavour would be to "disrespect" every country's flag individually in what is quickly becoming one of the greatest threads Twitter has ever seen.

Its joy lies in its simplicity, and it all started like this.

Of course, with Cheng's commitment to doing 195 flags, things were bound to change with some flags receiving feedback while others got the criticism they deserve.

Things started to change when Cheng got to Swaziland and started discovering the bad ass flags of the world, and praise was given where it was due.

As of this morning, the only mention of Ireland's flag has been to tear into the Ivory Coast.

As of noon Tuesday, Cheng was at flag 66 (Honduras) so he's still got a long way to go.