Pokemon Go has been available less than a week but it's already taken the internet by storm. 

If you're wondering what the hell Pokemon Go is, it's a new mobile game that encourages you to go looking for Pokemon out in the real world and then to try and catch them with your smart phone. Seriously. Just check out the video below.

Nuts right? The best part of the release of the new game is that we're bound to get a amusing tales from users who've had odd encounters while playing the game. Such as this one redditor. His story about playing Pokemon Go at 3am is going viral on imgur

As he explains in the story, the guy couldn't sleep, so he decided to download the game and go test it out at a park near his house. It was there that he encountered 'two sketchy black guys' and the story takes an excellent turn from that point onwards. 

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Could you imagine passing that park at 3am and seeing those three guys teaching the cop how to play Pokemon Go? Excellent stuff.