While we're not exactly fluent in Italian here in the Man Cave, you won't need a working knowledge of thhe great language to understand the brilliance of this front page.

It's a big weekend in the world of Serie A as Roma and Juve are set to take each other on tomorrow evening. Both teams sit atop the table with five games played, five wins, and are tied on 15 points.

Obviosuly, it's hard to say that so early in the season that this could be a title-decider, but with both teams making such a strong start it's definitely a game not to be missed, and certainly one that has the Italians very excited. That's why the front of this weekend's Gazzetta dello Sport chose to go for a suitably epic photoshop that captures the excitement of the match, and is based on a Star Wars theme. It pictures Roma captain (and all-round legend) Francesco Totti one one side, with Juventus' star striker Carlos Tevez on the other, making both sci-fi geeks and football nerds equally happy.



We'll be tuning in anyway, we want to soak up all the Totti we can while the 38-year-old is still playing the game.