Coffee drinkers are increasingly taking their roasting very seriously indeed, and there's no doubt that there are plenty of connoisseurs out there who would love to be able to roast their own beans for the freshest cup possible. 

However, that can be both time consuming and expensive, as well as a bit of a hit and miss process, but with the Ikawa Home Roaster, that's about to get a whole lot easier, and cheaper too. 

This smart coffee roaster allows you to take a handful of fresh beans, add them to the device, choose the settings from an app and then sit back and relax as you wait for an amazing home roast. 

The app will allow you to choose how long the beans are roasted for, the temperature, the airflow and the recipe, so you get your cup of coffee exactly how you want it. The system works using a fan to heat the bans, that then blows them in to the collection jar for you to start brewing up a cup. 

Andrew Stordy, who is the founder of Ikawa, grew up in Burundi and Rwanda where his father helped the farmers there to improve their coffee, so he knows a thing or two about making a cup of Joe. Ikawa, the name of the company, translates as "coffee" in both Kirundi and Kinyarwanda the languages of the two regions where he grew up, and the company also sell green beans for you to roast at home. 

IKAWA | Home Coffee Roaster from IKAWA Coffee on Vimeo.

They were looking to raise £80,000, but have far surpassed that with over £105,000 pledged so far on Kickstarter. When the unit eventually goes on sale (which it will given its success) it will cost about £725 (just over €1000), so it might be time to start saving up your pennies. 

Via Mashable