Dyslexia is known to affect at least 10% of the population in Ireland, however there are many who simply refuse to acknowledge it or keep it hidden from friends and loved ones.

For those who don't have dyslexia, it's incredibly difficult to fathom just how much of an issue it is and how frustrating it can be for those who have it.

Reading is something we all take for granted, but what if everything you read looked like this?

See all the words jumbled around and switching as it's read? That, according to some people, is what dyslexia is like.

Victor Widdell created a script on his blog that randomly sorted and swapped the text and letters in a simple description of dyslexia. Of course, not everyone who has dyslexia say it's this severe, whilst others believe it's entirely accurate.

Whatever the case may be, it's definitely eye-opening. For more information on dyslexia, please contact the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.


Via Geon