We think everyone needs one of these.

London-based designer Elisabeth Buecher designed this shower curtain as a method to raise awareness of over-consumption of water and how much time we waste in the shower and bathroom. How does it work? It has a sensor attached that starts the inflation process after four minutes of running water.

Buecher told the Independent:

I see my curtains like alarm clocks: you don't want to get up in the morning but you have to, the alarm clock helps you to do it.

The spikes idea comes from a movie by Tim Burton where he was featuring a torture instrument using metal spikes (Sleepy Hollow) and also the inflatable idea comes from fetishist people who enjoy to use inflated rubber devices.

I wanted to create this project because I do believe that it is very hard to do things that feel uncomfortable even if it is for our own good (saving water) and we need a little help to force us to do it.

If you're looking to buy it though you're out of luck. The shower curtain is merely an educational art installation, although we could imagine something like this flying off the shelves.

It beats having to turn on the hot tap to get someone out of the shower anyway.

Via i100