If you've ever been desperate enough to hide from someone (or something) in a wheelie bin, you'll feel this kid's pain.

Security footage from outside an American Reddit user's house in Oregon has gone viral - mostly because it's like something out of a teen comedy film.

A youngster is seen jumping into a bin at the front of Zach Pierce's house. A few seconds later, a cop runs past, shouting 'Girls, what way did that kid run?' to kids playing nearby.

Thirty minutes later (THIRTY MINUTES!), the fugitive emerges from the bin like it's no big deal.

And in case you were wondering, yes - Pierce confirmed that it was 90F (32c) and the bin smells of 'cat piss and baby poop'.

We're dying to know what the cops were after the Wheelie Bin Fugitive, with someone suggesting that he had shoplifted. Either way, we hope he got straight into the shower.