Roy Keane is a sort of sensei of the cold-shoulder-thousand-yard-stare combination, and he may well be the only man who is capable of doing it. But what would it look like if everyone could do it, complete with his amazing beard? Well, like this...

On the weekend, Jose Mourinho experienced that powerful sight for himself, as he tried to do his usual trick of shaking hands before the final whistle and heading down the tunnel with the game wrapped up. As he tapped Paul Lambert on the shoulder, the Villa manager pointed to his watch to indicate that it was still too early, while when Mourinho tried to get Keane's attention, he simply stared into the distance, burning a hole in whoever or whatever he was looking at. 

That's a chilling enough vision (and his presence on the sideline with that look on his face has something to do with Villa's strong start to the season, one imagines) but what would it be like if everyone on the sideline looked like that, complete with powerful badger beard, just like Keane himself? Well Twitter user Jonny Gabriel imagined it, and it's terrifying, while also being a little bit hilarious.

If that sight wouldn't motivate a player to just keep running and running and running, then we don't know what would.