Barack and Michelle Obama's farewell speeches may have caused many fans to get choked up during the week but let's face it, the person we're going to miss most is Joe Biden. 

The US Vice President became an internet sensation at the end of 2016 thanks to the memes of himself and Obama plotting to play pranks on Trump. They became so popular that it's gotten to the point that the memes are likely to become a lasting legacy of Obama's administration. 

In his farewell speech, Obama paid tribute to Biden, calling him "the best decision" he ever made as a nominee. A GIF of Biden's reaction made it's way onto reddit and naturally a huge thread started but one comment in particular stood out and has since gone viral. 

It's just one redditor's thoughts on how brilliant it would be if Obama resigned early and let Joe Biden be President for a week before Trump takes office. Have a read of it below. 

Now obviously it goes without saying that this would never happen. But how great would it be if it did? And the memes. IMAGINE THE MEMES!