Dr. Michael Salzhauer has found a new way to advertise his business, and grow his social media profile, we just hope he's gotten permission from his patients beforehand.

Salzhauer, a successful Miami based plastic surgeon, has been making Snapchat stories out of his surgeries, and thousands of people have been tuning in to have a gawk at them.

Well, I say thousands, I mean 100,000. Yep, that many people are looking a photos and videos of people having stuff pulled out, and pushed into themselves everyday.

The clips can get up to 20-30 minutes, and seeing as a snap can be a maximum of 10 seconds long, that's pretty impressive.

Fair play to him for making the most of online marketing, but we can't help but think he should probably be paying a bit more attention to his actual job, you know, making sure he doesn't disfigure people.

If you want some of the more graphic photos, and trust me, they get very graphic, I'd suggest checking out his Snapchat profile (therealdrmiami), because we're not going to start posting half cut open arses, but here's some proof.

Via Buzzfeed