Our American friends have always had more exotic names than us.

Even back in 1980s Ireland, when every boy was called 'David' or 'John' and every girl was called 'Sarah' or 'Jennifer', the most exotic you'd get would be the odd 'Kylie'.

For the most part, we've kept a handle on the craziness of naming our children over the years - but the same can't be said for a lot of Americans.

One classroom whiteboard displaying kids' names has gone viral for the sheer outlandish nature of some of them.

In one classroom alone, you have the likes of Trapper, Brantley, Kase, Elexia, Bryar, Jagger and...  Zerachiel. All adorable cherubs, no doubt, but their parents clearly didn't do the 'X! Come in for your dinner!' test in advance.

And then, just to highlight the disparity, you have a David and a Josie in the mix. Poor kids.

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