Whoever said love is dead had it all wrong - it's now a rotting, decomposed naked corpse that has a slug going through its brain, eating away at the remaining tissue.

Why's that, you ask? Because of the world's first engagement ring phone case. That's right, folks - for just $39.95 and the certain knowledge that your extended family merely tolerates you and your shit, you too can capture the moment when you settle for that not-so-special someone and pop the question.

It's slim, it fits in your pocket, and you can carry it with you and record the whole sorry affair as you stoop down on one knee with the certain knowledge that everyone who looks at the engagement video is silently judging you and your partner.

Here's the promotional video, complete with standard white couple and whistling, commercially-friendly acoustic pop music over the top of it.

If you're actually considering buying this, go here and after that, consider your life choices and what brought you to this moment.