There's nothing like a pricey receipt from a night out to sober you up good and fast but generally it's the morning after that you go through this motion. 

Londoner, Daniel Kaizen suffered through this feeling almost immediately after getting out of his Uber ride home. After a boozy night out, Kaizen found that he had been billed £102.17 for a five mile journey home. 

The 26 year old was initially told that the journey home would cost around £15 but the £87.17 discrepancy arose from a 20 mile detour that the driver took. 

Kaizen was only alerted to the mix up when he logged in to leave the driver a star rating. 

"I nearly spat out my tea laughing at the route," The Telegraph quotes him as saying.

Fortunately for Kaizen, Uber have apologised for the gaffe and promised to return the difference to him within the next five working days. 

Via The Telegraph