If you happened to watch the latest season of 'Black Mirror' and read our review of said season, one episode that stood out to us was undoubtedly the BAFTA-winning 'Metalhead' - a stripped-back thriller in the vein of 'Jaws' and 'Mad Max', which featured a homicidal robot-dog that would stop at nothing to kill respected thespian Maxine Peake.

Well, as we hurtle ever closer to the apocalypse, it seems only fitting that we now have the technology to create such a homicidal robot-dog. Really, when you look back at videos like this, you may chuckle at how harmless it looks and how it looks gangly and unwieldy. It could even look cute, right?

Now imagine it with a gun strapped to its head and encased in metal, running after you and leaping over desks and chairs to get at you. It knows no pity, no remorse and no other objective other than to kill you and only you. In this post-apocalyptic landscape, you have to run to survive. You can't look back.

If you do, you'll see this coming after you. It never sleeps, it never gets tired, it doesn't stop to update its social media. It just runs and makes that whirring noise. When you huddle underneath a burnt-out car or the shattered remains of a Starbucks, scrounging for food with your rag-tag group of survivors, that whirring noise is the thing you're listening out for. Not other people. No, they're all dead.

Because of this thing. This faceless manifestation of man's hubris.