The idea of leaving your mark on the world is something many people aspire to but one Donegal man has done that quiet literally with this Celtic Cross that recently became visible in a forest.

The area of trees, which measure more than 100 metres long and almost 70m wide, was planted on the hillside by local man Liam Emmery in what has been described as a feat of “horticultural engineering.” 

The almost perfect cross, came to the attention of local people recently due to a spell of good weather and stunning autumn colours which has made it more visible than ever before. 

Liam tragically passed away six years ago at the age of 51 after suffering brain damage as a result of a car accident so he did not get to see the fruit of his labours but his wife, Norma, is confident that he would have been satisfied with the results.

ITV did a video report on the Cross which you can view here.