This mother/daughter text exchange that documents the 13-year-old's quest for tampons is going viral.

Whether you're a parent, a teen who has just started her period or a woman who's ever had to go shopping for tampons, you will relate to this text exchange.

Belinda Hankins begged her daughter to let her share the text conversation so she could share the hilarity with Facebook. But it hasn't taken off just because it's insanely funny. It's going viral because, well, this pair are a better mother/daughter duo than Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. For realz.

This 13-year-old has got all of her priorities right, and her mother is obviously a hero. Belinda wrote on her Facebook page: "OK. I lied earlier. THIS was the highlight of my parenting week. Sending my 13-year-old daughter into the store for (whispers) "feminine hygiene products," and having the following text exchange. I died, she gave me life, I died again. And she drew an illustration, on the spot, ON HER PHONE, to drive her point home."

She doesn't mention the life lessons reaffirmed (smash the patriarchy!). You need to read it to discover the absolute brilliance.


Via Facebook