There was no doubting that last week's marriage referendum really stirred something in people, which meant that there was a huge turnout on polling day. 

While a lot of that was to do with the fact that it engaged a number of people in the democratic process on an issue that they cared about, it also saw a lot of people travelling home to vote, like the man who found out that he was registered to vote on Friday, and faced a pretty epic race home to make it in time

He wasn't the only one looking to get back however, and if you managed to get a look at the #hometovote hashtag on the day, you would have seen people talking about it and travelling far and wide to make it back. This map highlights where people were travelling from and where the topic was being tweeted about, all around the world. The image below shows the map at its peak, and if you click on the image you'll be able to see a version of it in a timeline format that tracks the ups and downs of the trend throughout the day on Friday.


The world really was watching on Friday as we went to the polls.