There was a time, long ago, where all we wanted to know was the cost of a loaf of bread and a pint of milk. Those days are long gone, and this map highlights all the strange and diverse things that we ask Google to tell us the price of.

Totally Money, the people behind the map, used Google's autocomplete function to get the data, which automatically suggests a word when you start typing, based on the most popular searches. 

According to the map, we're fairly obsessed with how much a pint is, what we'll have to shell out for a funeral, and the cost of creche. Oddly enough, we are also interested in how much laser tag costs, so there are more people out there playing it than we thought. Before you point it out, we're giving them the benefit of the doubt and presuming the strange shape of Ireland in the map is more to do with fitting all the information in than geographical ignorance. 


Via Totally Money

The data corresponds to different places, so in Dublin the most popular search related to cost is balayage hair, in Galway it's funerals, in Limerick it's driving lessons and in Cork it's the creche. 

The full map also details what the people in the UK are looking for on Google, and they seem to be more interested in botox, bowling, the cinema and eh...weed. 

Via Totally Money

We want to know what rollerbowl is, also. it sounds like great craic. 

Via i100