If you buy 7 pieces of bacon, you expect, and deserve, to have 7 pieces of bacon. Well unfortunately for Ben Roberts, that's not what we got when he bought some strips of pork from Tesco, and he has every right to be outraged.

Roberts, a man simply craving some grilled bacon, was shocked when he discovered his recent purchase was one strip shy of a full packet, which not only ruined his meal, but cause him to write a 500-word letter of complaint to Tesco's Facebook page.


The complaint letter has now been shared over 15,000 times, and like with anything on the internet, if you cause a big enough fuss you can make major corporations apologise for seemingly innocuous mistakes, which is exactly what the supermarket chain did.

We're glad to see the matter is getting resolved, as you can't have a man wandering around this world baconless. But, because this is the internet after all, it wasn't long before this man's plight became the butt of some online jokes. 

Less of the mocking people, this man has been through some serious hardship. This just another example of how anonymity online can cause groups to form and attack their fellow humans, with little regard for the psychological damage they're inflicting. We're disappointed internet, you used to be cool.

Via Mashable