We'll give this make-up artist a pass for the week that's in it, but be prepared to see your favourite Disney princess like you've never seen them before. 

Shonagh Scott has 'zombie-fied' the likes of Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast', Elsa from 'Frozen', Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid' and Snow White, attributing a gruesome cause of death to them in a weird parallel universe where there are no happy endings. 

All we can say is that you've got a very twisted mind, Shonagh.

See below for the results:


"While escaping the Prince, Cinders tripped down the stairs, face planted her shoe & impaled her face #‎HappilyNeverAfter !"



"In my version of this 'Happily Never After' the Evil Queen's poisoned Apple has caused a severe chemical burn to poor Snow's face!"



"In my version of the 'Happily Never After' Ariel had her voice box ripped out by the sea witch!"



"In my version of this 'Happily Never After' the Beast has lashed out at Belle after she stole his Rose!"



"In this 'Happily Never After' Elsa's powers backfire, impaling her own neck with an icicle and leaving her with frost bitten fingers"



Via Mashable