The Scottish independence referendum is just around the corner,  but when it comes to weird signs on the campaign trail, these two will take some beating. 

Scotland will take to the polls on Thursday to decide whether or not they want to remain part of the United Kingdom in the long term, and it's a huge deicision that has plenty of ramifications for the future of both the UK and Scotland. 

That's why so many people have been on the campaign trail, making their point heard through demonstration and of course, home-made cardboard signs. That's what this young lad and his father were up to in a protest about the BBC and the independence referendum this past Sunday, but their particular brand of signage was so bizarre, that we felt it merited a share.

The sign outlining the fact that the kid has no idea what's going on is fair enough, but when it comes to what exactly it is that CBeebies have done to harm Scottish independence...well we'll have to just plead ignorance on that. Is it something to do with Balamory?