Last night saw Michael Jackson's This Is It premiere across the globe... WENN have provided pictures of the German premiere (which we've omitted 'cause, try as we might, no amount of squinting could make us recognise anyone. Not even the Hoff was there. He was probably locked in a basement/mini-bar in a nearby hotel), and, most importantly, the LA premiere.

We have Will Smith being his usual over-animated, messiah-lite self; Jennifer Lopez looking mui fierce; Paris Hilton proud to be hookerizing the Liz Hurly look; Rosanna Arquette desperately seeking a hairdresser; Katy Perry and Adam Lambert desperately seeking stylists (OK, his is passable, but Perry - although I am thankful she's not wearing modified Muppets - looks like she's wearing a seriously oversized version of the slip Madonna wore in the Like a Prayer video. And what's this hanging off her left talking-point globule? Jamie off the X Factor's inexplicable oil rag?); Macy Gray desperately seeking the entrance; Paula Abdul desperately trying to take flight; Ashley Tisdale desperately eyeballing her many clones; Jennifer Love Hewitt and that Jamie fellah desperately trying to convince people they're still in love; Jermaine Jackson's wife looking desperately like an advanced Shilpa Shetty; some dancers who thought they'd be doing significantly more work; some strangers who probably flew over from Germany; a man with badges and Shakira's belt slung over his left shoulder; enthused randomer in thigh highs; the Incredible Hulk; Dr. Doogie Howser, who really held the crowd enrapt; and that lady from Veronica's Closet.

Unlike WENN's stateside branch, their UK outlet weren't so quite on the ball. All they managed to snap were Abbey Clancy and Keisha Buchanan leaving the premiere in London's Leicester Square.