Electric Picnic better be amazing this year, and not just because we're going.

Emily Culhane, from Limerick, seems to have done what anyone in their right mind would do when faced with the option of keeping her job and going to Electric Picnic.

Yes, of course she chose the festival, but the decision has now left her unemployed.

Her boss seemed to give her a heads up though, as Emily's post before the photo she shared on the festivals Facebook page would suggest.

'If you cared about your job, you'd sell your electric picnic ticket' my boss said... EP better be worth it 󾌴ó¾ÂÂ?”

Posted by Emily Culhane on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions and turning on some woman called 'Imelda', that wasn't actually Emily's boss. Imelda is the company's accountant.

We'll admit that we're not up-to-date on contract or employment law, so we won't question the legality of all of this, but we can confirm that this is 100% unsound. Whether that's enough to file for a claim, we can't speculate.