It started out as an April Fool's joke, but it turns out that it's gotten the green light as a result of there being so much interest. 

Gaming hardware company Hyperkin's April Fool's Joke has come good in the best possible way after they released a mocked up case for your iPhone that would turn it into a working Game Boy. 

While they thought they might get a bit of publicity out of it, the design hit the front page of reddit and ended up getting a lot of people interested in buying one, so they've decided to go ahead and produce the real deal. 

At the moment it's known as the Smart Boy, and will not only give you the controls that you're familiar with from the days of retro gaming, but it will also work with Game Boy and Game Boy Colour cartridges.

The concept so far also includes a battery pack that will give you about five hours of gaming time, and that the graphics and visuals will be a little bit better than your old school gameboy. They also plan on releasing several colours, but Mashable are warning that you shouldn't get your hopes up too much, as Nintendo plan on making a big move into the world of mobile gaming and might not be pleased to see this device make its way on to the market. 

Via Mashable