It's almost World Book Day (this Thursday, just so you know), that day of the year where we are reminded that literature is a great thing, and in the run up to that, we should be looking at a few classics that are worth reading if we haven't had the chance already.

This chart, entitled A Plotting Of Fiction Genres, contains a good wedge of those classics and what genre they fall into, as well as how they all relate to one another.

From Moby Dick to The DaVinci Code, every book slots into one category or another, be it a fantasy epic or experimental absurdist nonsense, and you can find the title that best exemplifies that on the chart below for you to start perusing at your leisure.

It's available as a print which would make the perfect gift for the book-lover in your life from Pop Chart Labs for $29 (€26), but it might not arrive in time for the big day on Thursday. Click on the pic below for a larger version 

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