We freely admit that we know next to nothing about farming or cattle - other than what we saw in Babe and the sequel, Babe: Pig In The City.

Therefore, we're not entirely sure if this amount is a lot to pay for bull semen.

A farmer in Northern India has a bull - named Yuvraj - that fetches upwards of $3,000 per... well, semen.

The farmer, Karamveer Singh, has kept the Murrah bull in the height of luxury and is now considered to be a champion breeding bull.

"I saw him at an animal fair in Meerut last year and people were raving about him. I want to sell his semen to farmers all over India now," explains Singh.

As well as the bull's by-product, the bull itself also worth a lot of money. Singh was offered a whopping $1.14 MILLION to sell the bull by a businessman. He refused, explaining that he didn't want to separate Yuvraj from his family or, indeed, himself.

People have been known to travel from across the globe to see Yuvraj, with Singh taking in visitors from Canada, Venezuela and beyond.

You might say... he's a CASH COW.