David Risburger, take a bow. Not only are you one of the best dads in the world, but you're also one of the best April Fool's pranksters going.

When his Harry Potter obsessed daughter was seven, Risburger tricked his daughter into believing that she had been accepted into a primary school for young witches and wizards. And every year since is a cruel reminder that Hogwarts will always be nothing but a fantasy.

Apparently his attention to detail was top notch as well as his daughter Ellabell said "There is a hotel in London called The Rookery and he used their headed paper. And it looked SO REAL."

And to this day, he still reminds her of the prank and her 'lost opportunity' to take her place in the magical community and sends her reminders like this.


All the points to Gryffindor. All of them.

Via Metro