Every man(yes, we're generalising) dreams of a little place to call his own.

Somewhere he can go to relax, safe in the knowledge that every corner, nook, and cranny of the room is stacked with piles of things he loves.

For most of us, that dream never becomes a reality due to the lack of space, the lack of money, or the lack of a partner who will allow us to create it. That's not a problem for Ashley Yeats from Bedfordshire, England, as he's just created the ultimate man cave out of his garden shed.

Cinema seats, Dolby surround sound with a sub speaker under the floor, HD and 3D projectors, just about every games consoles under the sun with a wall full of games, star lighting on the ceiling, pick'n'mix stands, and a popcorn machine. Yeah, we're officially jealous.

Ashley had the work done for him by The Torii Cinema Co, so he can't take all the credit. You can have a look at the rest of the packages they do over here, but for now, back to the photos.

Via LadBible