No doubt you'll have heard about the spectacular win against Spain by Holland last night. A whopping 5-1 victory to Holland will undoubtedly spell disaster for Spain and their hopes of winning this year's World Cup. 

However, one man particularly felt the sting of defeat last night. Placing a whopping £1,000 on Spanish supremacy, electrician Scott Lucas proudly displayed his bet on Twitter for all to see.

90 minutes and five Dutch goals later, the tweet had gone viral with over 5,500 retweets and thousands more commenting on his loss. To be honest, pretty much everyone would have said Spain was a sure thing. But placing that kind of money? Damn.

We're guessing Scott is drawing a line under his attempts at winning a few quid for the rest of the World Cup. We would. Ooof. 

So here's a few .gifs we feel accurately display Mr. Lucas' possible reactions to this situation. Feel better, bro.