This guy is using Tinder not to find himself a date, but rather in a way that it was possibly never intended to be used. 

Most people are on Tinder because they're hoping to find themselves a date, or even just someone to grab a drink with of a weekday night when they're bored. Still, no matter what your cause to use it, your profile pic is a very important matter. 

Most lads will take a shot after they've hit the gym and are looking 'pumped' where as there are plenty of women out there who like to get a bit more creative. Jarrod Allen, an Australian who spotted some fairly ridiculous pictures on the dating app, decided that he would use them as inspiration for his own form, art, and the results are hilarious. 

As you can see, Jarrod has a lot of natural talent for this whole photography thing, so if you want to see a few more of his work, then check out his Tumblr page

Via Mandatory. All pics via Imgur/Tumblr