You may be feeling frozen with the Irish weather we've been having. However this sight will surely prove to you that we don't have it that bad.

The cold weather we've been having this week is already starting to thaw this weekend. However, over in the States they're becoming frozen - literally - with the cold.

Iowa native @taylor_scallon showed how strong cold weather can be when she shared a video of herself outside with a crazy hairstyle. She went outside with wet hair and it subsequently froze and stood up.


The US is experiencing a polar vortex at the mo with extremely cold temperatures in the midwest. The weather has caused 2,600 flight delays and the halting of U.S. postal service delivery.

Speaking of Frozen (see what we did there?), here's one of our favourite viral videos from last year. A drag queen dressed as Elsa just single-handedly freed a stuck police wagon from a blizzard in Boston last March.


Another video that's been making the rounds this week is this one of a dad using his son as a human snow scraper. Posted by ViralHog, the video was filmed by the man's wife who said:

"We got a lot of snow in Monclova, Ohio. My husband and son went outside to play in the snow. I asked my husband if he could clean off our vehicles while he was outside. Next thing I know, my husband is yelling into the house asking if we have any duct tape. I meet him at the door with the tape only to find that he is planning to wrap it around my son's wrists, ankles, and waist so the snow couldn't get in. I then recorded this video of my husband using our son to push off all the snow. My son had such a blast!"