We know that looking for a flat to rent here in Ireland is not a very pleasant experience, particularly in Dublin if reports are to be believed, but it could always be worse.

How, you say? Well you could be trying to find a place in New York, where someone who clearly got a bit frustrated with a fruitless search decided that they'd set up a Tumbr account that showcases the worse places that people are advertising both in New York and further afield, and there are some fairly unpleasant spots on offer. 

One that has gotten the account a lot of attention, however, is this particular jewel of an apartment on Manhattan's Lower East Side where you can both shower and cook your dinner at the same time, which is what we all look for in a flat. It might possibly save on water charges though since you can wash your veggies and yourself at the same time, so at least it has that going for it. 

Pic via Buzzfeed

Don't worry though, there is a separate toilet room, which we won't call a bathroom since the bathing facilities are not in that room. It's literally just a toilet.

Pic via Buzzfeed

The listing describes this unique property as an "old world style apt" that "is better than your average studio". We're not quite sure how that could be true, but at least it's only on the market for a mere $1,795 a month, although the agent does say that's negotiable at least. Sound.

Still, it could be worse, you could be living in this amazing property that offers you the chance to enjoy breakfast (and also lunch and dinner) in bed every day in London.

Pic via The Worst Room/Tumblr

At times like this all you can do is laugh.

If you've seen any places that are worse or as bad as those mentioned above, drop us a line on Twitter or in the comments below and let us know your story. 

Via Buzzfeed