First dates aren't generally meant to go that well. Usually you're meeting someone for the first time, so you're both a ball of nerves, a little shy, and trying to simultaneously seem cool and interesting, while constantly checking to make sure there's no food on your face or in your teeth.

That being said, there's meant to be enough promise in the interactions you share that would warrant a second meeting, where you're both a lot more relaxed. That's not the ideal scenario, but it's one we're all willing to accept, and it's a lot better than having a nightmare of a first date like these poor souls.

Whisper is an app where people can share their worst first date experiences, and lets just say we're not surprised these people didn't get a call back. Head over to Whisper for even more awful tales, but for now, enjoy some of our favourites. 

Hey, at least you got a coffee.

Your typical serial killer.

The guy who doesn't understand boundaries.

The ultimate wingman.

Classic mother-in-law.

At least it wasn't a proper restaurant?

The quintessential bro, he obviously knows what women want.

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