A farm based near Houston, Texas is making the cutest Halloween costumes for puppies.

Blue Heron farm is a humane dairy farm.

They have created sweet, simple costumes to turn newborn pups into everything from sushi to superheroes.

Costumes have been transforming the little ones into 'merpup', beanie babies and 'The Breakfast Club'.

The puppies’ mother, Harriet, was brought to Blue Heron as a foster dog. She gave birth three weeks later. All the pups now need to be adopted into new homes.

Lisa Seger, who has run the farm with Christian Seger since 2006, said she wanted to "dress up the pups in an effort to help get them adopted."

She acknowledged the costumes "are very poorly made", adding:

"We are in such politically contentious times and there is so much crushingly bad news these days. I figured a little bit of good pushed out into the world would be a good thing. So here we are."

The farm has been sharing a pic for everyday of October, meaning we still a week of adorable pups to go!