In times like this, it's important to celebrate the sweeter moments.

And one sweet moment was this girl's 12th birthday yesterday.

Mum of three Katie (@katiekins76) decided to make it one to remember.

Her daughter, also named Katie, couldn't have her friends over in the current circumstances. So her mum organised a birthday drive by from all her friends as a surprise.

The young Katie can be seen beaming as her friends drive by while their parents beep the horns to mark her special day. The video, taken in Rathcormac, Co Sligo, and the birthday girl was playing football in her driveway when she got the surprise.

Her mum noted they were the "Best bunch of friends ever!!" One friend even got out of the car and left a card at the end of the driveway. All followed the rules, maintaining social distance.

Watch the feel-good video here.