A man in Oregon whose beloved family dog Ranger fell over 230 feet off a cliff discovered that his pet was made of some seriously tough stuff.

While hiking in the Santiam State Forest near Silverton, Oregon recently, David Burrell was left worried and anxious when his dog Ranger went missing. As night fell, he was unable to continue the search for the family dog, but he went back the next morning to find Ranger alive, at the bottom of a cliff. 

It became clear from his injuries that he had fallen nearly 230 feet off the side of the cliff and due to the fact that he had two broken legs, was unable to get up from the steep outcropping where he was found on his own. 

Thinking quickly, Burrell contacted the Oregon Humane Society, who sent out the Technical Animal Rescue Team to deal with the situation. David Lytle of the Oregon Humane Society said "It took seven team members to pull Ranger back to the top of the cliff. They were exhausted by the time they got him to safety, but hats off to the team members. They go out into the rain, cold, and dark of night to bring dogs on trails and cats in trees back to their owners."

Ranger, an 80lb bull mastiff, is said to be in good form despite his injuries and recovering well. We love this dog and we think he and the rescue team all deserve medals. We will make them medals if we have to damn it, who is in charge of the medals here!?

Via Men's Journal. Pics via Oregon Humane Society