If a story like this teaches us anything, it’s the power of doing something for others.

Word has been spreading of construction worker Jason Haney and his selfless good deed.

Jason works on a site in Indiana which is located beside the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend.

To cheer up the kids, he created, with the help of his daughter, an 8-foot-tall cut out of Where’s Waldo (known as Where’s Wally over here) to hide in different spots on the site.

Every day, Jason hides Waldo and once the kids spot him, Waldo gets moved to a new location, and the children have to look for him again.

Haney even created a Facebook page where the kids can post Waldo when they find him.

Here are some of the spots where he was found:


According to Bored Panda, Haney and his daughter said they’ll be working on a Minions cut-out for their next project.

Don’t stories like that just lift your spirits?