There's a good reason why colouring books for adults have really taken off in recent years.

Not only is it a form for mindfulness and a good way to slow your brain down a little, but it's also seriously satisfying.

If you're a fan of colouring, this video will be like a meditation for you.

Visual artist Polina Bright made a short clip of herself colouring in a 'loading' computer graphic, and the original has since been widely shared on Twitter (another user shared the same video and it's been liked over 50k times.)

I mean, just look at it. We wish we had the skill to stay within the lines like that.

If you were wondering, it's not sorcery or witchcraft; it really is done using one pen. The video is not edited. It's done using a Chameleon Pen, which allows the user to change the tone of the colour.

Here's the scientific explanation:

"Each marker includes a chamber that includes a colourless toning medium. When you touch this chamber to the nib of the pen, the medium lightens the colour of the marker. Then when you start to draw, the ink gradually and seamlessly returns to the original colour, giving you a brilliant gradient of colour."

In any case, we'll have this on repeat for the rest of the day.